Solar Energy Generation With Solar Panels In Tampa Bay, Florida. 

(Solar Photovoltaic, Solar PV, Solar Electric)

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Upset with high electric bills  from Duke Energy or Teco? 

Duke Energy has increased electric rates 2 times so far in 2017. Below is a rate notice Duke sent residential customers.


Solar Energy Can Save Homeowners An Average  $100,000 off * your electric bills and lock in the costs for next 25 yrs!

Why are more and more homeowners buying solar panels? Electric rates have continued to increase as costs to maintain nuclear power plants and convert coal plants to natural gas. Let’s face it…your income is probably not increasing much but everything is going up in price, including electric.   Solar panels have dropped about 80% in cost over past 10 years thanks to increased solar panel efficiency and increased volume. The utility companies including Duke Energy, TECO, FPL, and others also are building new solar energy power plants here in Florida. TECO recently built a new solar power plant at Tampa International airport. Finally the residential customers and businesses can own their own solar electric generation system and save money. When you buy electricity from the local utility, you are paying all the costs to build the power plant and equipment plus profit.  As a monopoly, how much incentive do you think your local utility has to keep electricity prices low? You have a choice go solar energy!

Call Green Planet Solar Systems for an accurate solar quote based on your home, your electric use, your electric cost. Buy direct!-Green Planet Solar Systems is a Certified Florida Solar Contractor as such we do not subcontract the solar  installations. We never sell your information! Green Planet Solar Systems never uses high pressure sales tactics!

Has a solar company high pressured you to sign a sales contract?  Not sure if you paid too much for solar panels? Call us for second opinion! Florida law gives you 3 business days (including Saturday) to cancel a contract without penalty.

Solar PV  Panels Incentives 2018:

-30% Solar Panel Tax Credit
-Sale Up to $5,000 off! 
-0% Sales Tax!
Sale Expires March 31st, 2018
*Ask for a customized solar quotes based on your electric bills and your home or business!

Solar Power home value with solar panels

Value of Solar Home - Chart
Home Value with Solar Solar Panels  (Solar PV, Solar Electric)

Electric Bill Savings With Solar PV Panels

Save with solar

Average Lifetime Savings $50,000*

Solar Power Saves Trees

Environmental benefits … like planting over 2,700 trees! or saving 114,000 lbs of coal!

 Solar System Whole House, Residential Solar PV (Solar Electric Panels), Grid-Tied System Works:

(Commercial Solar System also works the same)

1. Solar Panels 

Solar PV panels (Solar Photovoltaic) for home or commercial solar  power, absorb solar energy from sunlight and convert that energy into electricity. The electricity then flows from the solar panels to the solar  inverter.

2. Solar Inverter

The solar inverter turns the direct-current (DC) electricity from the solar panels into alternating-current (AC) electricity that can power your home. The Solar Inverter also monitors system performance (solar electric) to make sure that you are getting peak solar electricity production and in case there is an issue you get an automatic e-mail notification.

How Solar Works

3. Grid-Tied Net Meter

The net meter is your home’s electricity regulator and feeds electricity in and out of your home as needed. When the sun goes down, your net meter powers your home from the electric grid utility. On bright days when your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, your net meter goes backwards and you are selling electric back to utility!

4. The Grid

The utility electric grid is an interconnected network of local power plants, transmission lines, demand centers, and distribution lines that connect local power plants to consumers. Grid-tied Solar System means the solar system is hooked up to the grid with a net meter.

Looking for solar pv with batteries? Contact us for details.

Tesla Solar Battery

Take action Go Solar Energy! You are already paying the bill every month! Help insulate yourself from future electric price increases. Stop renting electric generation from the utility! Buy your own solar electric generation and save!

Solar PV System Cost

Customers often ask about the cost of a Solar PV system….We have payment plans starting at $82/month  and the solar payment would be less then your already paying utility company now. Like other home improvements such as windows, roofs, kitchens, etc. the proper way to get an honest and accurate estimate of cost and savings is to have our solar consultant visit your home or business and do a custom solar quote.  We have found online calculators extremely inaccurate on cost, savings and  solar electric production. The cost and savings for your home will be different from your neighbors or friends.  The cost varies wildly based on the amount of electricity that needs  to be produced, amount of roof space available that is suitable for solar, how much sun the roof has, the components used, difficulty of install, etc. We do a solar proposal based more than just cost but, also how much money you will save with solar including our sale prices, solar panel tax credit, Florida incentives, etc. This is why we offer a free solar evaluation! Your already spending money on electric,  solar gives you a lower cost electric option! Are solar panels right for you? Fill out the form below for a no obligation evaluation.

Here are the no high pressure, no non-sense steps to going solar power electric for your Tampa home!Steps to go Solar

PRESTO! BOOM! You’ve got Solar PV Panels!

Welcome to the new era of Residential Solar Energy! Now tell your friends to take a step into the present and go solar!

Here are some helpful links for more information about home  and commercial solar power systems  and renewable energy:

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