How Solar Pool Heating Works

How Does A Solar Pool Heater Work?

Solar Water Heater

1) Set controller knob to desired temperature. There is a temperature sensor on roof near panels and a second sensor that monitors pool water temperature. If the roof sensor temperature is about 2 degrees or more than pool water temperature then an automatic valve opens allowing the pool pump to move water to the solar collectors.

2) Cool water enters the solar collector from the bottom.

3) Water is heated as it flows upwards through the collector tubes to the top header pipe.

4) The warm water is then returned to your pool.

5) This process continues until the desired water temperature is reached.

How much can a solar pool heater raise pool temperature?

This is all dependent on weather ie: wind conditions, temperature –day time and night time, orientation of solar panels (South, East,West, or in between), if pool is enclosed, screened, shaded,etc . But an industry estimate is you can gain about a 10 degree increase in pool temperature vs not having a solar pool heater. If you cover your pool to retain the heat this helps greatly, particularly at night! Using a solar pool heater with a pool cover water can be about 16 degrees warmer. Again these are estimates, actual results may vary depending on site conditions and weather, and how long you leave pool cover on, etc. For most people this is enough to extend your swimming season without added electric or gas costs. If you need more than this much heat you can supplement your solar pool heater with a heat pump, gas, or propane heater.