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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater, Solar Hot Water with Solar PV

Summer Sale! 

26% Federal Tax Credit!
0% Florida Sales Tax!
$500 OFF solar water heaters until July 31st, 2020

Solar panels for solar water heating,  also known as Solar Hot Water.

Solar  hot water you use in the house or business to take showers, wash dishes, laundry, etc.)

Why Solar Water Heaters Makes Sense…

1) An electric hot water heater is normally the second biggest consumer of electricity and cost on your electric bill.Solar Domestic Water Heater Saves Money

2) Solar water heaters are about 80% efficient with the tropical Florida climate it is very easy to transfer the sun’s heat to hot water.

3) Solar Water Heaters qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit through 2020.

4) Have Solar hot water even during a power outage.

How Much Money Can I Save With A Solar Water Heater VS An Electric Hot Water Heater?

This depends on how much hot water used, how many people live in home, the local electric rate, etc

Here is some approximate estimate of Solar water heater savings.  Please contact us for a free solar water heater consultation.

If  your electric bill is $240/month average…let’s be conservative and use 25% instead of 30% above.

Cost Of Electric Water HeaterCost Of Solar Hot Water Heater*Solar Water Heater Savings
Average Monthly Cost$60$12$48***
Average Annual Cost$720$144$576***
Lifetime (25 Yrs)$18000$3600$13,200**

* If use solar only and not use electrical backup element. ** Includes  hot water tank replacement $1200 *** Based on Family of 4-5, medium to high hot water use.

How A Solar Water Heater System Works

Best Solar Water Heater System Uses a 4′ x 10′ solar collector and a 80 Gallon hot water tank. With a Solar powered pump and electric backup.

How it works….. The best solar water heater system for Florida. There are many types of Solar Hot Water Heater systems but in the Florida the flat plate solar panel that has best performance and therefore most common. The solar hot water panel has prism glass to magnify the sun and inside the solar panel is copper tubing with copper fins that are black (because black attracts and absorbs heat) to collect the heat…. The water  is pumped from water tank to solar collector , through the tubes and down to tank again.. this keeps repeating  until the sun is not available. The pump in our Solar Water Heater is  powered by a small solar PV (solar electric panel) therefore it can produce hot water even when there is no electricity available.  The system also includes a mixer valve that acts like a temperature regulator. If the water is too hot,  the mixer valve will mix hot water with cold water. The solar water heater does include a electric element for times when it is not hot or sunny enough.

Call Green Planet Solar to learn more about saving money using a Solar Water Heater system!


Does solar hot water work on cloudy days or cold days?

Solar is supplemented with a backup electric element… When it is cloudy or cold out it may not produce as much hot water.. the electric element will heat the hot water… Keep in mind that in Florida the whole day is not normally cloudy  …. if its just cloudy in morning or part of day solar will still ad some heat to water… In Tampa, Florida area …. it is tropical weather here so for about 8-9 months of the year there is so much sun and heat that you can get enough hot water just with solar…. In coldest months homeowners use the electrical backup unit to add more heat  to water…

Do Solar Hot Water Heaters Work at night?

You always have hot water with solar hot water heater. Solar produces hot water during day time with extra storage for night and morning use.  Solar hot water usually uses 80 gallons tank  instead of the normal 40 gallons.  Also, there is an electric element that provides hot water when sun is not shining or cold out so you always have hot water with solar.

How Much Does A  Solar Hot Water Heater Cost?

Solar Hot Water Heater price including installation is about $5180 to $6290 after 26% tax credit (about  $7,000 to $8500 before tax credit). This price depends on size of solar system and difficulty of home installation… every home is different.. for instance if there is a long distance from hot water tank to roof.. this will add material and labor cost. Contact us for a free in home solar quote.

Is A Solar Hot Water Heater Worth It?

Yes, recommend Solar Hot Water for homes with 4 or more people, and currently have an electric hot water heater. More people means more hot water use. Electric is most expensive way to heat hot water … and with rising electric costs… solar can save you thousands over the life of the solar hot water system.

How many Solar Water Heater Panels do I need? What size solar hot water tank?

In Tampa,Florida, the popular solar hot water heater system is one 4ft x 10′ collector and an 80 gallon tank. This system size is good for about 4-5 people.  There are larger solar water heater systems available for larger families.. ask us for a solar estimate.

Do I need a new water heater tank for solar?

A  solar water heating system requires a new, larger hot water tank because you need the ability to store hot water generated in day time for night and morning use.

Also A solar water heater has 4 connections  vs 2  connections of a normal water heater …. so there is a difference.

What is temperature of water produced with a solar hot water heater?

In Tampa, Florida area Solar hot water heaters work really well and produce lots of hot water! Tampa already has warm temperatures… run that water though a solar panel that magnifies the sun.. and has black fins to attract heat and BAM! hot water.  Solar Hot water can get as high as 165 degrees in Tampa area. The normal temperature of a home solar water heater is 120 degrees…….To protect our customers there is a mixing valve above the solar tank that regulates the temperature to a safe level… It is adjustable but it is normally set at 120 degrees.

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