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    Solar Powered Attic Fans in Largo, FL

    Year end  Sale! 26% Tax Credit+ $200 off, 0% Sales Tax (Exp. November 30th, 2020)


    Hot Attic?

    Is your attic Hot like hell? Stuffy and unbearable? Does heat seem to get trapped in your attic and stay there, making the surrounding areas of your home uncomfortable? Believe it or not, there’s a cost-effective way to cool your attic. With a solar attic fan, you’ll get the benefit of a more comfortable living space while saving money on your long-term utility expenses.

    How Solar Attic Fans Work

    Solar Attic Fans remove hot air, lowering cooling costs.
    How Solar Attic Fans Lower Your Electric Bills

    How Solar Attic Fan works

    Solar Attic Fans For Shingle Roofs
    Brown Solar Attic Fan On Shingle Roof, Other Colors Available. Solar Panel can be angled to sun for maximum ventilation
    Solar attic Fan Black, Solar Attic Fan, solar attic fan Shakewood. Solar Attic Fan. Brown, Solar Attic Fan Gray, Solar Attic Fan Hickory, Solar Attic Fan Terra Cotta
    These Solar Attic Fans are available in following colors. Note all models the solar panel can be raised or lay flat . These solar attic fans have durable metal housing that is rust resistant and hurricane rated for Florida. Made In USA. Lifetime Warranty.
    Gable Vent Solar Fan
    Gable Vent Fan Solar Attic Fan Mounts Behind Existing Gable Vent

    Solar Attic Fans Hurricane Rated tough

    A Solid Investment

    Solar Attic Fan For Tile Roof
    Solar Attic Fan On Tile Roof

    Have you ever been in your attic in the summer? If so, then you know what hell feels like!  Often it maybe 90 degrees outside but  130- degrees in your attic!  The combination of sun shining on your roof and as you cool your home the heat rises to attic. Often your ac handeler   and ac duct work is in the hot attic making your air conditioner work harder and costing you more money!   However, with a solar attic fan,  that hot air is actively moved out of your attic and cooler air is brought in through existing vents.

    At Green Planet Solar Systems, we offer a variety of quality solar attic fans to suit any setup or space. We’ll come to your home, evaluate its HVAC system and attic layout, and recommend a fan that will help you keep your space cool and comfortable all year long. Call us today for more information or to schedule your on-site estimate.